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             Dance pioneer
          易胜博vipysb:Star Wars fans ca。n buy c“ollectibles in online auction [07-29]
          易胜博vipysb:Cruise :lines lure ne|w generation wit;h events [07-17]
          Table tennis sta:r:s| apologize for skipping round of match [07-13]
          Wol|f Totem</EM> among nominees for top awards [07-11]
          Li Yong;bo steps down as badminton head c|:oach [07-21]
          China celebr,at|es first International Tea Day [07-25]
          Xi urges mil,itary to focus “on im:proving capabilities [07-4]
             Fiji flying
          易胜博vipysb:Ford to get d|own and dirty with ,off-road pickup truck in China [07-18]
          易胜博vipysb:Chinese medical teams stay p|ut in West Africa for Ebola b“attle [07-19]
          Liaoning say cen|ter Hans injury nothin|g, serious [07-28]
          Captain Amer|i,ca: Civil War opens to dominate North America box office [10-9]
          Sor“row in the air ~afte:r NW China landslide [2-2]
          Who should lead the United, :Nations? [6-17]
          T,he usual“ crowd support saw an unusual score for Woods [11-15]
          Aerial view of wetland |of Da。njiang River in Henan - Travel [11-20]
             O’Neill quits, says IRB
          易胜博vipysb:Chen;gdu Food Fest。ival ,to heat up SF [11-11]
          易胜博vipysb:Shanghai obe~ys fir,ework,s ban [8-8]
          Traditional granary, a symb|ol of a farmers strength and weal~th in the pas,t [2-12]
          H|K-Zhuhai-Macao: Bridge will be read|y by years end [6-20]
          Huanhai Road F“e|rry Terminal [11-15]
          Industrial parks chief confident about Be,larus-Chi:na cooperation on BRI [12-7]
          Dates harvested~ in centra:l Gaza Strip [9-1]
          Chinese pianist tells ran|ge of~ stories in m|usic [5-11]
          公 告 栏



             Trumpchi EV - GlobalTimes
          77-y~ear-o:ld barber offers free haircuts|China [12-24]
          Buddha statu:e disput|e to be| taken to Netherlands court [2-7]
          China sets econo|mic reform p;ri|orities for 2014 [3-11]
          Smoldering coal fire suc。c~essfully exte:rminated in North China [3-12]
          Mainland lowers threshold for Taiwans: co“llege applicants [7-19]
          Cherry trees in full blos:som attract numerous tourists in Guizhou [1-12]
          Is it right |to ban。 children from iPads|? [10-22]
          Chin;a reforms lic。ensing to| develop traditional medicine [4-10]
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             Cooling off
          Woman to file suit against suspect。 after ID theft foiled c|ollege d;ream [1-6]
          Ch;i|na tightens fight against food, drug, IPR-|related crimes in 2019 [10-9]
          China seeks m|ore pri:vate rail investment [7-6]
          Modern cultural desi|gns inspire“d by ancient relics in| China [11-8]
          Britains quarantin:e rule spl|its opinion [9-14]
          Rebalanci。ng skew,ed sex ratio remains a~ difficult target: Govt [5-5]
          Class act p;romot|es| global soft power [7-1]
          Chinese r。esea,rch vessel sets out for Pacific Ocean [4-9]
             The sack race
          Enchanted Silk Road blends Chinese and Gre。e:k culture [9-24]
          PLA displays it“s s,ofter si|de [12-31]
          Where its spr,ingti;me al|l the time [6-15]
          Exp|losives found in truck after Stockholm attac~k [3-15]
          Food S|e;curity in |China [9-7]
          Thailand urged to。 ~upgrade qualities of accommodation fo。r tourists [10-1]
          Danger on, dark side of the City ~of Light [6-30]
          ;China set to strengt|h~en global role[8] [4-8]
          Severe drought hits Sout~hwest China [10-5]
          ,Ancient Beijing city model made from tons of| rosewoo|d [11-11]
          Economic recovery 。cont;inues in Ma~y [1-29]
          China “seeks to fill :gap~ in civil aviation sector [9-30]
          Roof of the W|orld getting warmer, wetter:: scienti。sts [11-1]
          China to launch nationwide inspection on commercial housing| sales [3-25]
          Xi, Myanmar leader ;send messages on 70-ye。ar ties [2-12]
          Chinas youth rugby team to to:ur New 。Zeala;nd [4-14]
             Target practice
          Shanghai Disneyl;and :set to b|reak even [10-17]
          |Ai~rbus opens first overseas wide-body jet 。plant in China [4-28]
          Scratchi~ng out a living among th|e tall re;eds [8-22]
          Experience China in Finland| 2017 :kicks off in Helsinki [9-11]
          Ending poverty to he|lp stop~ disease [12-29]
          Ding ;Junhui h“eads into semif|inals at China Open [4-1]
          Proposed ~secu|rity |law needed to end chaos in HK [6-1]
          Huaxi village dona|tes epid~emic prevention supplies to Mozambique [8-31]
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